Eye-opening Updates in Fiverr platform in 2023

Did you hear about the updates in Fiverr platform in 2023?

When we talk or hear about Freelancing, the first platform that comes to our mind is Fiverr. Fiverr is the best platform for beginners in freelancing, and it keeps on updating its algorithm and policies for sellers and buyers with the passage of time.

In this post, we will tell you about the most recent updates in Fiverr in 2023!!

Updates In Fiverr in 2023: No More Buyer Requests

The greatest update in the Fiverr platform in 2023 that created chaos among new sellers was the termination of the buyer requests section. Fiverr allows sellers to create a maximum of seven gigs in different categories to offer their services to potential buyers.

No more buyer requests

However, new sellers often have to face the difficulty of getting the first buyers on Fiverr.

  • To land the first buyer on their profile, sellers used to respond to buyer requests from buyers from all over the world.
  • The sellers could send a maximum of 10 buyer requests each day, and thus the chances of getting the first client on Fiverr were quite high.
  • A person who could convince the buyer that he or she is able to deliver the work the buyer is looking for would get the order.
  • A buyer would receive hundreds of proposals from sellers from all over the world.
  • On the basis of the proposals, the buyer used to contact the seller he liked and if all went well, the selected seller would get the order.

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Why Fiverr deleted the option of Buyer Requests

Some people started misusing the buyer request feature of the Fiverr freelancing platform. To promote a specific link or to drive traffic to someone’s blog, website, or some other source, people started using buyer requests as a tool. These scammers did not have any intention to hire someone, they just wanted to drive traffic to their site.

  • For example, a scammer posted that he was looking for a content writer for his tech website and attached the link to his site at the buyer’s request. All the sellers who applied to this scammed post also visited his website to see what kind of content he was looking for.
  • In 2022, this scamming trend increased a lot, and Fiverr received a number of complaints from all over the world.
  • To resolve this issue, Fiverr deleted the option of buyer requests for sellers. Now when a buyer posts a job on Fiverr, according to his queries and keywords, Fiverr suggests the most suitable gigs and sellers.
  • A seller whose gig has been suggested to the buyer receives a notification about the job proposal.
  • If the seller is interested in the job proposition, he accepts the offer and if not interested, he rejects the offer. Since new sellers were dependent on buyer requests mostly, this new feature made them extremely hopeless and unhappy.
  • However, Fiverr promises if a seller gives maximum time to their platform, optimizes gigs, plays by the rules, and works really hard, eventually, he is going to get the order from one buyer or another. 

Fiver Help and Education Center explains this process step by step.

Updates In Fiverr In 2023: Get Briefs

Another feature created in the Fiverr algorithm 2023 is the addition of briefs.

  • Since many scammers use buyer requests to scam sellers, a buyer who wants to post a job proposition on Fiverr must submit a brief first.
  • Fiverr will check if the job proposition is legitimate or not.
  • If Fiverr finds the job proposition authentic, it will scan the brief and match the keywords of the brief with the most relevant gig descriptions.
  • Then Fiverr will send out a notification to the sellers with the most matched keywords in their gig descriptions.
  • Each seller has the option to get briefs or not. Moreover, the seller can also select the minimum price for receiving briefs.
Fiverr update 2023: Get Briefs

Updates In Fiverr In 2023: Milestone Workflow

Another update created in Fiverr algorithm 2022 is the Milestone Workflow. Previously, this option was provided by up work only. But recently, Fiverr also launched this update.

In gig creation, sellers can select the option of milestone. A seller can create as many milestones as he wants in his gig. This update is not as huge as the update of no more buyer requests but still an update in Fiverr in 2023.

Updates in Fiverr in 2023: Bring your Own Business

The last but not the least update created in Fiverr algorithm 2023 is the option of Bring Your Own Business. This option allows you to bring your offline sellers to Fiverr.

The greatest advantage of using this option is that any order or contract with the buyer that you brought on Fiverr will not deduct any platform charges. Thus, the seller will receive the complete amount of the contract and Fiverr will not deduct any 20 % fee. Moreover, the funds received on completing the order with such a client can be withdrawn instantly.

Fiverr updates


The above-mentioned updates are the most recent changes in the Fiverr algorithm 2023. Fiverr is one of the best freelancing platforms that makes sure no one can do any fraudulent activity, either a buyer or a seller.

If someone breaks the law, Fiverr takes no time to block that account.

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